The real estate industry has been a very late and slow adopter of technology.  Although a vast sector  comprising a meaningful part of the GDP, it is only in the past few years that the combination of meaningful funding from established Venture Capital and Private Equity shops have been deployed to help talented entrepreneurs start to build platforms. 

These firms are finding many opportunities in this very mature industry to find ways to deliver greater speed and efficiency at lower cost using the data science and software skills that have become the operating standard in other industries.   It is really only in the past few years that a number of these new firms have successfully navigated the journey from concept to initial commercialization-and to date these new entrants represent a fast growing but still miniscule portion of the sector.


The current industry structure presents a number of opportunities and challenges as tech enabled firms seek to develop and expand their business strategies. Majesteka was founded to work with both these firms and with investors in a number of innovative ways.

Provide firm capital for firms typically after the seed capital round, supplemented by the right third party capital when appropriate.  The concept of understanding what is the “right” capital requires deep domain expertise and relationships to properly assess. Majesteka is well positioned to support these firms by understanding and securing the individuals and organizations who in addition to providing capital can also help grow the business by accelerating adoption, validating new concepts and approaches,  and using their industry reputation and imprimatur to accelerate awareness and growth.

  • Provide an active and deep level of support as Board Member or Strategic Advisor to the leadership team in a number of mission critical areas:

  • Building world class investment process and tools across geographies, capital stack, investment style in public and private debt and equity markets

  • Constructing and fully leveraging investors in early rounds as well as Institutional Capital to help scale the business

  • Supporting Product development decisions using the lens of the target buyers and users

  • Facilitating appropriate and timely introductions at the right level with incumbent firms